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Re: Things I learned at WF Oh-Ten

-Never bring a bunch of stuff to trade or sell without a list, photographs of the new owners and phone numbers or you'll keep somebody out way too late with a long drive ahead of him (sorry, Jason)

-The boys at Rough Country will simply not let you pay them for the u-joint you used when you snap one on Rockface (I think I almost got beat up for offering 3 times)

-You can handle having your dad call you Danica for beating up his jeep as long as it's still on your trailer headed home to NC

-Selectable lockers are the poo. Turning and climbing all in one axle

-When you have cigars from southern Miami, Rev will do ANYTHING for you

-You can drive 6 hours in Ohio and Indiana with no rear fenders or truck bed and the PoPo doesn't care

-The bugs in your bed at the Hotel is just an "Attica thing" and you're supposed to get used to it.

-If you try and load your jeep on the trailer in the grass behind the hotel, the crazy bitch owner will come out and yell at you and write your license plate number down, then disappear when the pissed off Marine gets out of the Jeep

-The MWC does it best. The people are what make WF a great time. I would drive 18 hours every weekend to hang out with you crazy drunk people

Mac- Any girl that grabs the handle in front of her and tells you to put the hammer down with the passenger front wheel 3 feet in the air is a keeper. Congrats buddy

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