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Re: My NP435/203/205 swap

I used these sites when I rebuilt my 205 and did the twin sticks

The first link is a step by step tear down and build up of the 205, the second is an exploded diagram of the 205 and the 3rd showes how to do the twin stick.

When I did mine I ground the rails like shown in the pictures and didn't take nearly enough off. That's a good thing though I guess. Its quite a bit harder to put it back on.

Anyways. I found that it was easier to put the shift rail pins back in and look through the holes where the detent balls and springs would go. With a flashlight you can see the detents and by moving the rails back and forth you can get a good feel for how much you need to take off. I'd still recomend taking off a little at at a time. It is easy to go past perfect and get to a point where the transfercase almost goes into high and low at the same time.

I really like how it turned out though. It is cool being able to do front digs and 2wd low.
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