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Re: 5.3L LM7 swap into 88 Comanche build: Ebay headers

I still can't see the big power difference between a well built 4.6 stroker vs a budget 5.3 lm7 at 285/325 since the Golan stroker is 265/300 and for another $1500 in parts is pretty much identical power . I realize the Golan 4.6 is $4200-5200 depending on if you get it pre broke or not and Hesco heads are about $1500 , but it's a brand new motor not a junkyard 80+k mile unit and is bolt in item . I do not question the value of torque and horsepower of a v8 , but it just looks like on paper the lm7 without money into it you are not getting any more power than a stroker ... Feel free to correct that observation it's not one I can up with from real world comparison just simply got it from the power numbers the engines both claim.
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