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5.3L LM7 swap into 88 Comanche build: Ebay headers

Hey guys, just wanted to share some info. I'm swapping a 5.3L into my 1988 Comanche buggy. And with the Novak mounts it makes life easy (but expensive)... To save some money you can find stainless headers on Ebay that will work. But it's often risky and hard to figure out which ones will fit.

These rub in one spot on the drivers side at the bottom of the firewall near the floor pan. A hammer will easily make clearance. The passenger side fits perfect. They come with gaskets and 02 sensor bungs welded into the down pipe stubs.

These were $136 made by AT Racing World USA. They are LS swap headers made for a Camero/Chevelle.

Ebay link: 1978136842

YouTube link:
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