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Re: Very Sad News Today....

Originally Posted by Eddie G.
I just received this email from a friend of Lion's:


Hi, I'm sending you this note because you are a friend of Lion, (Kent
(Or maybe I made a mistake, in which case- Sorry!)
I probably have your email address because Lion sent us both the same
announcements about his new photos.

We have some sad news. I'm sorry to say that our good friend Lion (Kent
Nelson) has recently left us behind in this world, and passed on. A
friend visited his casa yesterday Wed, March 5th 2008 because he didn't
return phone calls. He apparently departed while sleeping. The police
were notified, and his brother on the east coast. No word yet on when/
where a memorial will be held, but you can bet there will be one. Lion
was a popular guy and for good reason. He was cheerful and didn't have a
mean bone in his body.
I've known him since 1994 when I joined the

I've started an internet memorial for our friend here:
You may add your comments and/or photos. (Please do) Lion always loved
getting comments.

You may know Lion from his thousands of photos at PBase:

It's now a safer world for garlic & broccoli. But we will miss Lion terribly.


I'm in shock! Probably because he was so young at heart,
sub-consciously I just figured he'd live another 80 years or so.

"Lion was a popular guy and for good reason. He was cheerful and
didn't have a mean bone in his body"

That's an understatement. I've wheeled with Lion a bunch times, he was
such a nice guy and a very interesting character, and I will never
forget him.

He mailed me one of his "green cards" as he called it. A green
business card and a pamphlet of his old business. Lion's Landscaping
or something like that.

He will be missed on the trail by many.

I'm all up for anything. Memorial run, placing a marker for him on the trail, services, going out for a beer in salut afterwards. Let us know if you hear anything more.