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Head Gasket replacement questions and upgrade while I have it apart questions

This is really a two part question:

1) I may have to replace the head gasket on my 2000. I am not sure because i have notr ecieved my oil Anaylsis back, but if I do it will have to be over spring break so I ened to gather a list of stuff I will need ahead of time.
So far I have compiled this list of parts:

XJ Head parts:
-Head gasket: maybe Mopar Performance head gasket part no. 4529242
-Head bolts
-Exhaust manifold gasket
-Intake manifold gasket
-Valve cover gasket
-Thermostat gasket
-Goodyear gator back fan belt (needs to be replaced anyhow)
-Loctite 592, thread sealant high temp for head bolt #11-- what is an easily available equilavent for this

What is the best way to clean off the old gaskets? Use one of those gasket removers for a die grinder?

What is the possibility that the head is cracked, what other symptoms would I notice?

2) Since I am going to be in there I am thinking of doing some upgrades. My possible options are:

-Replace current head with older better flowing head. What would I need to modify on my 2000 parts to make the pree 2000 head work? Where/ how much am I looking for a rebuilt or used head?

-Performance exhaust manifold. Any suggestions on who to use for this?

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