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Re: Factory Lower Intake Manifold Upgrade

Originally Posted by bjoehandley View Post
Well, I've learned something new on the 200Forums in the last couple days, apparently Chrysler is now putting a higher flowing lower intake on the newer P.U.G. version of the Pentastar engines. Not only will it fit the 3.6l back to 2011, but also will fit the 3.2l in the KL body Jeep Cherokee!

For the Pentastars that don't have it, this could very well be like swapping the '99-'06 4.0l intake manifold onto a '98 and older rig!
I stumbled onto this post a while back. I installed the newer style lower onto my 2016 JK Rubicon last week. While I can't say exactly how much of a gain it was the engine definitely revs quicker and I downshift less on my usual morning commute grades. It was worth the time and effort for sure. Thanks for posting.
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